Chilliwack Asbestos Removal

Chilliwack is the 7th largest city in British Columbia, Canada. Historically an agricultural community, most of its 83,788 residents now are city-dwellers. The Township of Chilliwack was incorporated in 1873, the third municipality in British Columbia. The initial settlement was along the Fraser River at Chilliwack Landing. Steamboats were the main mode of transportation, carrying goods and passengers between Chilliwack and New Westminster. After the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1885, many residents began to cross the Fraser River at Minto Landing to catch the train at Harrison Mills.

Much of the town's infrastructure was created during a time when asbestos use was at its peak. As a result, Chilliwack homes and commercial properties have a high chance of containing asbestos. Asbestos is a big health risk that can lead to serious diseases.

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Removing Asbestos should be done by a certified professional using special equipment. If you believe that your Chilliwack property may have asbestos, contact us now for a free inspection. We can test and remove (if necessary) asbestos.

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